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The Purple Potion
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The Purple Potion
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Ume plum liqueur



17% ABV | 750 ml

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A delightfully tart, mildly sweet plum liqueur featuring a show-stopping royal purple hue.

Handcrafted in California from all-natural plums, dark cherries and grapes with hints of green apple and lemon.

Naturally gluten-free with half the sugar of comparable aperitifs and liqueurs.

UME can be delivered to most states in the continental US.

Enjoy UME over ice, with a splash of soda, or mixed in gem-toned twists on classic cocktails. Get Inspired.


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World of UME

Our Story

Conjured in late 2020 by Jenn Toyzer and Katy Brandes, UME was developed on their quest to curate a unique and versatile beverage that is an experience in and of itself. Inspired by the tart and lightly sweet flavor of plum liqueurs enjoyed around the world, UME is a stunning addition to any at-home bar.

Among its powers, UME's luminescent purple hue changes colors when mixed - from the inky tones of a midnight sky to the palest of lavenders - consider UME an ethereal potion, and every cocktail is a magic trick...

Fast and Simple? Enjoy UME on the rocks or mixed with a splash of soda and a squeeze of lemon or lime.

Love to Experiment? UME can be paired with any base spirit. The possibilities are endless, limited only by imagination... get inspired here.

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